About Us

Fins Ferns N Feathers was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing Lahore with modernized horticultural and botanical services. Over the last 20 years, Fins Ferns N Feathers has managed to make a name for itself in Lahore’s horticulture industry by providing amazing solution at amazing prices.

Fins Ferns N Feathers caters to a number of businesses all across Lahore, providing them with a variety of gardening, landscaping, and horticultural solutions.


To encourage the adoption of modernized and sustainable horticulture solutions in Lahore and instill a love for gardening in more people.




To promote greenery and environmental sustainability in Pakistan through modern horticultural practices and become the best landscaping company in Pakistan.

Our Story

Fins Ferns N Feathers was founded in 2000 to promote a love for gardening in Lahore. We started out as a company that exclusively catered to commercial clients, offering landscaping, gardening, and indoor plant décor solutions. Over the years, Fins Ferns N Feathers has catered to a lot of clients in Lahore, ranging from banks to corporate offices, restaurants, and more.

Compared to the rest of the world, Pakistan’s horticulture sector has been lagging behind for quite some time now. This is quite unfortunate since Pakistan has one of the most diverse geographical layouts in the world and a climate that is perfect for gardening and horticulture. Fins Ferns N Feathers has been making an effort to do something about this. Slowly but surely, our goal is to introduce modern horticultural practices in Lahore, Pakistan. We also wish to educate people about plantation and instill a love for gardening and landscaping in them.

We now maintain our own farm site and nursery near Sundar, from where we offer a wide range of products and services. Apart from having our own nursery, we have numerous other nurseries spread all over Lahore. Our vast network allows us to provide clients with a wide range of solutions and affordable landscaping services without compromising on quality.

We now offer a wide range of services related to horticulture. From simple gardening solutions for homes to largescale commercial projects, we’re a landscaping service company that caters to all. You can view our portfolio to go through various projects that we have worked on all over Lahore.

What Makes us the Best Landscaping Company in Lahore?

There are loads of different landscaping companies in Lahore. However, Fins Ferns N Feathers has always managed to stand out from everyone else. This is thanks to our commitment to quality, transparency, and our ability to put our clients before anything else.

Fins Ferns N Feathers does a number of things differently. This has helped us cement our reputation and credibility over the years.

With Fins Ferns N feathers:

  • You don’t have to worry about a compromise in quality. Thanks to our vast network and market repute we can source the highest quality materials for you.
  • You will be kept in the loop at every step of your project. We believe in working closely with our clients. By understanding your needs and requirements, we can bring your ideas to life.
  • Our billing process is completely transparent. Our style of doing business revolves around gaining our client’s trust and being open with them. We’ll make a breakdown of your project with you, and once you’ve set your budget, you will not have to worry about having to exceed it.

The Fins Ferns N Feather Difference

Our professional behavior, business practices, and our commitment to quality has helped us garner many happy clients over the years. Our client portfolio includes many national and international businesses that have enjoyed working with us.

With Fins Ferns N Feathers, you cannot go wrong in terms of quality. We can help you come up with the best landscape designs and bring them to life for you. We don’t like to call ourselves the best landscaping company in Lahore for no reason.

Get in Touch with us to Learn more about Our Products and Services

We’ve been in the landscaping business for long enough to provide you with the best solutions in Lahore. You can get in touch with us to learn more about the wide range of services that we have to offer. Our reputation for being affordable landscaping contractors who deliver quality precedes us.

We also have an online store from where you can purchase indoor and outdoor plants prepared in our nursery. Apart from plants, our store also has gardening equipment and produce from our farm available for sale as well.